3-day Tour with Genuine Experience Winter package

Crete during winter is an idyllic destination for anyone who would like to escape the northern gloominess. In winter Crete is not as crowded as in summer, the climate neither too cold nor too hot, our gorgeous mountains are just about covered with snow, making the experience much more attractive. You will smell the wild herbs blossoming in the mountain hills and most importantly you will blend in with the locals which offers you the Genuine Experience you’ve are looking for.

No one can doubt the abundance the Cretan land has to offer. It composes a great bouquet of flavors, aromas and texture. With Genuine Experience you will wander through the mountain paths with breathtaking views of the Cretan sea, relish artisan cheese in our green valleys, walk by centuries-old olive trees that produce the divine Extra Virgin Olive Oil and encounter with the producers in their family owned Olive Mill. We will bring to your table the authentic local delicacies which will be prepared for you with devotion by local housewives who turned their love and art of cooking to profession. Rumble in the vineyards of our land with a glass of a varietal local wine, at a family owned winery while our winemakers tell you their story. Of course, with every meal, you will enjoy a hand-picked collection of wines that represent our vineyards gracefully with the guidance of your personal sommelier.

You will find all of the elements above in your 3-day tour with Genuine Experience which strives to creating wonderful memories while activating all of your five senses. Crete’s wine regions have no shortage of upcoming wine cellars to fill your itinerary, still we have selected only the finest family owned, boutique ones with top rated wines. This tour operates Autumn to Winter season and includes accommodation, private luxury transportation, entrance fees, breakfast, daily gastronomy sessions with friendly and helpful guides. This is a suggested guideline, which we are more than willing to adjust upon your needs!

Day 1

Upon your arrival at the airport of your choice – Chania International Airport ‘’Ioannis Daska logiannis’’ or Heraklion International Airport ‘’N. Kazantzakis’’ – you will be greeted by our private chauffer and host. You will then be transferred to the accommodation of your choice in the city center, we offer a wide range of suggestions to select from. You will have some private time to settle down after your trip. If you prefer to explore the city’s center, we can recommend some interesting places for you to visit. In the afternoon we have scheduled an introductory excursion to your first wine region, in which you will get the chance to savor some of our native wine varieties, stroll around the beautiful vineyards admiring the stunning colors of the  sunset and offer you a heartwarming welcome with a themed set menu of Authentic Local Cuisine.  Once your enjoy able first evening in Crete comes to an end, we will take you back to your hotel as you may rest for the upcoming adventure!

Day 2

Once you have enjoyed a relaxed breakfast at your hotel, our local expert guide and certified sommelier will pick you up from your hotel as we head towards our 2nd region. Today you will cruise around the stunning mountains while discovering and combining artisan local cheese with local wine! Our first stop would be in a family owned cheese farm where you will get acquainted with the art of goat and sheep cheese making. You will stroll around the beautiful fields and grasp the most stunning scenery! Our second stop would be are mark able family owned winery, in which you will discover the diversity of winemaking and expand your knowledge on our local wines. You will be taken on a tour of its vineyards followed by an unforgettable wine tasting experience by our certified sommelier. To round it off you will try combinations of local cheese, mezze and wine that your palate will not forget. In the afternoon we will drop you off at your hotel. For your evening entertainment we can suggest some traditional kafenio to enjoy your raki as a local orrestaurants with remarkable native dishes that will take you breathe away.

Day 3

Once you have enjoyed your carefree breakfast, our friendly guides will pick you up with our private, comfy vehicle and we will head towards the 3rd region of your trip. On our first stop you will meet the champion of the famous Cretan cuisine: The Olive Oil. We will take you to a journey in which you will encounter the most ancient Olive Tree in the world and visit a family owned Olive Mill. There you will get the chance to walk through the peaceful olive groves and chat with the producers as they share their Mill’s history, the chronicle and culture behind this divine product,its numerous nutritional facts, whilesavoring different sorts of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to feel its flavors and aroma. In the afternoon we will drop you off at your hotel and either enjoy asiesta orlook through our suggestions for an activityor a spot that you would like to discover. There’s a whole heap of amazing things to do.In the evening we will embrace you with a very special farewell dinner where you will enjoy a carefully designed menu and pair wines from all over Greece.Our discreet sommelier will be with you in case you want to enjoy a wine tasting before your dinner begins. By the end of your dinner, our local expert guides will offer you some recommendations of bars that are worth checking out or if you prefer,we will drop you off at your hotel.

Day 4

After your breakfast we can suggest a variety of activities for you to do until your departure and when it is time, we will drop you off at the airport.We hope we have created memories packed with flavors, images, aromasand an element of fulfillment.