5-day Tour with Genuine Experience Summer package

Stroll around with us in picturesque alleyways of traditional villages, savor Authentic local Cuisine, enjoy artisan Cheese, discover the Olive Oil world of Crete and of course, sip all your way through our island with local wines! Make yourself a culinary (and not only!) treat and stroll around Crete with Genuine Experience. This series of excursions is a wonderful introduction for anyone that wants to explore the very best of Crete in five days with a small twist! Stroll around Crete and explore the inland of our island, dig into the tradition behind each delicacy and come in touch with the new wave of the Cretan lifestyle. Scout around the raw and crystal-clear beaches of the South and drop in Archeological and Cultural sights. Enjoy private wine tastings of local wines by the guidance of our certified sommelier, and savor on artisan delicacies made by locals that turned their passion of cooking to a profession.
This is a suggested guideline, which we are more than willing to adjust upon your needs!
This tour operates throughout Spring to Summer season and includes accommodation, private luxury transportation, entrance fees to archaeological sites, daily gastronomy sessions, and finally friendly and helpful guides.

Trip Highlights

  • Private transfer upon arrival and departure
  • Hand-picked hotels by local experts
  • Breakfast
  • Private transfer throughout all excursions
  • Private Chauffer and Guide – Certified Sommelier
  • Winery Visits
  • Encounterwith producers and learn about the winemaking process
  • Cultural and Historical stops
  • Authentic Local meals and Wine Pairing
  • Dine as locals do (Restaurant and Bar recommendations)
  • Vehicle: Luxury Jeep, Luxury Mini Van, Luxury Van (according to your needs)
  • 24/7 helpline throughout tour
  • Details may be sent upon request.

Day 1

Upon your arrival at the airport of your choice – Chania International Airport ‘’IoannisDaskalogiannis’’ or Heraklion International Airport ‘’N. Kazantzakis’’ – you will be greeted by our private chauffer and host. You will then be transferred to the accommodation of your choice in the city center, we offer a wide range of suggestions to select from.You will have some private time to settle down after your trip.If you prefer to explore the city’s center, we can recommend some interesting places for you to visit.At dinner time we will initiate the begging of this journey with a set menu of Authentic Local Cuisine and introduce you to some of the indigenous wine varieties our land produces. This wine tasting will be conducted by our certified sommelier that will gladly guide you through the flavors of our land. You will then be escorted back to your hotel.

Day 2

After your delightful breakfast our friendly hosts will pick you up and your beautiful journey to the inland of Crete will commence. We may have our first stop at an archaeological site that is closely related to the evolution of the Cretan Gastronomy! Next up we willvisit the first family owned winery, where you will meet a promising and dynamic winemaker who will guide you through his winery and domain. Afterwards you shall pamper your senses in anexclusive wine-tasting with our certified sommelier who will teach you how to decode wines like a professional. Once you have satisfied your palate, you will explore local delicacies that will harmonize gracefully with your wines.On our return tothe city you will be offered the choice of either enjoying awalk through a picturesque village or spending a restful afternoon at your hotel. For your evening entertainment we can recommend local bars and restaurants that will enhance your city-vibe experience.

Day 3

After your carefree breakfast you will be picked up by our friendly associateswhowill take you to a provincial region and discover the secrets behind world classlocal Artisan cheese. You will acquire theknowledgebehind the art of Artisan makingas well asnourish on some cheese tasting.Our next stop willbe in afamily owned winery, where you will get exclusive access to the facilities andhear about the personal touches of the winemaker. You willexperience different wine expressions of noble grapes paired with some artisan cheese and a variety of delicious nibblesprepared by local products.After your light lunch, you get to chooseescaping on a beautiful beach of the northern coast or head back to your hotel. Either way we will drop you off at your hotel.

Day 4

It’s time to head out towards the southern coast of our beautiful island! You will travel through stunning natural landscapes and spend a blissful day under the sun on a crystal-clear beach.We will have prepared a light brunch for you with a collection of refreshing native varietieswhich will enhance your day at the beach! Afterwards you may choose to enjoy some delicacies at a local family owned restaurant, or you may visit a notable winery to experience a wine tasting featuring different varieties! In the afternoon we will drop you off at your hotel for your afternoon siesta! The night belongs to you! You can discover the past and the present of the city by visiting some restaurants and bars located in hidden spots that we can recommend for you. Nevertheless, we will drop you off at your hotel when you feel the time is right!

Day 5

After your delicious breakfast and you will be driven by our comfortabletransportationinto the city center.En route we will make a stop at an olive oil family domainand discover the history, culture and civilization of the Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil throughout the centuries. The owners will walk you around the peaceful olive groves, where you will feel the beauty of our landscapesavor their produce directly from the source! Atnoon we can drop you off at a wallflower beach to enjoy another day under the warm sun. For your last evening, we willembrace you with a very special farewell dinner at a spectacular city restaurant where you will enjoy a carefully designed menu and pair wines from all over Greece.

 Day 6

After your tasty breakfast We wish that we have assisted you in creating long lasting memories to commemorate your visit toCrete.