5-day Excursion with Genuine Experience Winter package

Genuine Experience has developed a series of private tours within 5 extraordinary days, so you may discover the magnificence of our island’s regions and wine producing areas. We will take you to charming little villages, as well as big cities that will offer you a great insight of the Cretan Culture, History, Gastronomy and contemporary lifestyle. You will be spoilt for choices. You will explore some of our beautiful family-owned wineries, meet and talk with the winemakers and sip a selection of local wines that will reveal the diversity that our terroir offers in different wine regions. You will get the chance to wander around olive groves, savor different types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and to know the oil producers that will share their story with you. You will encounter breathtaking landscapes in the inland of Crete and visit traditional Cheese farms, where you will appreciate the simplicity of the cheese making process along with the flavorful outcome. The accommodations that we offer are a handpicked collection of boutique and luxury hotels that will meet and hope to exceed your expectations.

The following itinerary is a suggested guidebook of your 5-day journey with Genuine Experience, as we strive to create each excursion tailor-made upon your needs and preferences.

Day 1

Upon your arrival at the airport of your choice – Chania International Airport ‘’IoannisDaskalogiannis’’ or Heraklion International Airport ‘’N. Kazantzakis’’ – you will be greeted by our private chauffer and certified sommelier that will accompany you throughout your five-day journey with Genuine Experience. You will then be transferred to the accommodation of your choice in the city center, we offer a wide range of suggestions to select from. Once you have had some time to rest from your trip, we will pick you up from your hotel to venture your first excursion with us! We will head to our first wine region and visit a family owned winery. You will meet the winemakers to hear their story and stroll around the beautiful vineyards. Once, you have discovered the beauty of the Cretan landscape, our certified sommelier will conduct a private wine tasting to introduce you to some of the indigenous varieties of Crete, followed by heartwarming welcomedinner of Authentic Local Cuisine. Once you have finished your dinner, we may offer you a walk through a small traditional village or suggest places for you to visit in the heart of the city.

Day 2

Once you have enjoyed a relaxed breakfast at your hotel, our local expert guide and certified sommelier will pick you up from your hotel as we head towards our 2nd region. On our way, we may have our first stop at an archaeological site that is closely related to the evolution of the Cretan Gastronomy so you will enhance your experience of the Cretan culture. Then we will head to another family owned winery in which you will savor and recognize the diversity of the wines produced on our land throughout the centuries due to the terroir and winemaking methods. This private wine tasting with your private sommelier will offer you an insight in the variety of our wines. At the same time, you will enjoy a selection of delicacies made by local housewives that turned their passion of cooking into a profession. In the afternoon you may enjoy a relaxing and leisurely time visiting some suggested spots that are worth seeing in the city.

Day 3

Once you have enjoyed your carefree breakfast, our friendly guides will pick you up with our private, comfy vehicle. Today we will head towards a mountainous scenery and a traditional Cheese farm, where you will enjoy breathtaking landscapes during our drive. During winter our mountains and the wildlife of Crete is flourishing with beautiful wild herbs, while the top of the mountains starts to whiten with snow. Once we arrive at the Cheese Farm, you may enjoy a walk up on the hills, discover the peaceful way of mountain life and chat away with the Cheese makers as they share their story and the secrets of cheese making. Our certified sommelier will prepare a light lunch for you with the key ingredient being the Cheese, paired with wines from all over Greece.This will be a special gastronomic journey for you! Once we have achieved relaxation through great flavors, images and aromas we will head back to the hotel for some private time.

Day 4

Today we will head towards the 3rd wine region of your trip. Once you have enjoyed yourtasty breakfast, our local expert guide and certified sommelier will pick you up from your hotel as we head towards a small traditional village, where you could visit a cultural museum of traditional Cretan craft art, while you sip a glass of wine. In the afternoon, we will visit one of the most scenic wineries of the area to enjoy a private wine tasting of local wines that gracefully represent the abundance and the art of winemakers devoted to bringing out a striking outcome! Once we return you at your hotel, you may choose to either relax, or we can arrange an afternoon walk with you, to take you around the most beautiful spots, restaurants or bars of the city.

Day 5

Once you have enjoyed yourdelicious breakfast, our hosts will pick you up from your hotel and we will head to the final region of our journey together. Today you will discover the grace of the Olive Oil, the wonders and simplicity of itsproducingand tastedifferent types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. There you will get the chance to walk through the peaceful olive groves and chat with the producers as they share their story, the chronicle and culture behind this divine product, its numerous nutritional facts, while savoring different sorts of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to feel its flavors and aroma, paired with local delicacies. In the evening we will embrace you with a very special farewell dinner at a charming city restaurant where our certified sommelier will have prepared a list of Greek wines to pair along with your dishes! After your evening meal night, we suggest a list of handpicked bars that will offer a little extra boost to your last night in Crete!

Day 6

After your breakfast we can suggest a variety of activities for you to do until your departure and when it is time, we will drop you off at the airport. We hope we have created memories packed with flavors, images, aromas and an element of fulfillment.