Genuine Experience by Rami Masount is not just about organizing and implementing events and excursions. GE, as we usually refer to it is a combination of several elements; elements that contribute to the creation of authentic spontaneous inspiration. Thy name, Genuine Experience by Rami Masount.


 Our inspiration is driven by the quality of the Cretan products, the dedication of our producers regarding the excellence of our land’s produce, and the great link of the primary sector with the history and historicity of our land.


The filled with warmth and ‘’sweet-fatigue’’ faces of our Winemakers,  Olive Oil cultivators, Cheese Farmers and many other producers of our island, along with their effort for the best and their intense temperament; but also our genuine experiences to the Cretan inland and the rich as well as the interesting history of our land has led us today, where we would gladly wish to share with you our perspective of Crete’s legacy.


 We have documented the secret of our inspiration and would like to quote it to you. It is more or less a well-cooked recipe.  

Genuine Experience Recipe

First, pick the most beautiful and special vessel, then pour in all the ingredients in abundant



  • Passion for what we do 
  • Positivity
  • Quality Characteristics
  • A deep appreciation for the Greek and Cretan quality Vineyard
  • Love for the Cretan Cuisine and Gastronomy
  • Professionalism
  • A dash of good-intended madness
  • Imagination
  • Knowledge

Preparation time:
A journey of a lifetime

  • Sophisticated elements and characteristics
  • Skillful and happy associates
  • Bonded team
  • Proper Management
  • Respect for the visitors of our land
  • Emotions
  • Vision
  • Love of detail.
  • Creativity
  • Aiming to provide the best services

And some more ingredients, that we will not be able to reveal, since you may only experience them with us.


Our vision is to share with you our knowledge, our love, feelings, and the authentic Greek and Cretan vineyard, the Cretan Cuisine, the tradition and culture of our island, and especially what Crete and Greece is all about. Sip your journey through the best of local wines and enjoy bits and bites of what we refer to as Authentic Cretan Cuisine.

However, all the above are not enough to introduce you to our local Vineyard and Gastronomy, the protagonist would be the strong link between our History, our Culture and of course the native population of our island; which is what we would like to convey to you with a lot of love. 

 All these, though our special and refined perspective.



Our goal is to create this feeling for the visitor of our island; for you, an unforgettable, authentic experience, an excursion or event, which will lead you to describe it by saying phrases such as ‘’I spent my time as a local.’’,  ‘’I discovered the real Crete!’’ and so on. All these by discovering and savoring our delicious and interesting Wines, our deeply flavored Olive Oil, our artisan Cheese, our rich and nutritious Cuisine, and much more. 



 ‘’Genuine Experience is an inspiration of mine, which I shared with my colleagues with the sole purpose of creating beautiful emotions and images for the visitor of our island by activating our five senses. Our team consists of people that are passionate about what they do and deliberately deliver each experience with love and respect.’’

 Rami Masount – founder of Genuine Experience