Our Story

Rami Masount, the owner of Genuine Experience, is catering to the experiences of travellers for ages. With an aim to showcase the beauty of Greece, Rami started with GE to organise and implement events and excursions for visitors from different parts of the globe. The concept of Genuine Experience is based on exploring nature at its best, in its real form.

Here at Genuine Experience, we aim to provide the best experiences to the visitors at Cretan Island. With our team of experts, we make sure to share our history and culture with visitors from a different land.

With a team of professionals, Genuine Experience caters to thousands of visitors every year. Special arrangements for visitors are made where they get to meet winemakers, olive oil cultivators, and cheese farmers. The Genuine Experiences of visitors are accompanied by two hosts- a sommelier and an event manager. The two guides brief the visitors about the history and legacy of Greece and the Cretan island.


Why Choose Us

At Genuine Experience, we pour in the ingredients of love, passion, and motivation to share Greece and the Greek Islands’ culture. All we share is the deep appreciation for Greek and Cretan quality Vineyards with professionalism and a dash of good-intended madness. 

Here at Genuine Experience, we facilitate our travellers to plan their holidays in Greece. From one day trips to a complete three-day tour to Greece, everything is catered under one roof. We provide essential services to our customers to make their trip a memorable one. 


Our Vision

Genuine experience facilitates travelers to explore different destinations in Greece. It aims to showcase the beauty of Greece and Cretan island. From preparing for holidays to arranging for wine and food pairing sessions, everything will be done by our team of professional experts. We walk you through the best local wines and bits and bites of authentic Cretan cuisine 

Our experts detail you about the best islands and destinations in Greece that you can explore with your friends and family members. Alongside you will be guided to wander in different beaches, villages, and attractions where you can eat, slurp, and drink.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make the trip of our visitors to the Cretan Island unforgettable one. We work on a daily basis to provide accurate travel information to the visitors and make their holidays once in a lifetime experience. Genuine Experience has got you covered, from serving the best wines and cheese to finding the right destinations!