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Luxurious Dining Experience- At Genuine Experience

Enjoy luxurious dining experience with Genuine Experience. From enjoying wine and food pairing to meandering near the Cretan Island, Genuine Experience makes that available to you. You can indulge in luxury wine tasting or Olive Oil food pairing to offer yourself a life-changing experience. We specialise in wine travel, custom journeys, and events around Greece. 

Our experts guide you through the abundant Culture and Gastronomy of Crete to ensure you make the most out of your trip. The team of professionals will help you indulge in the best olive oils or wines that you can pair up with your choice of food for a satisfying dining experience. 

Our passionate Wine Experts – Certified Sommelier, will host a special dinner for you and your loved ones by bringing flavours and aromas to our village’s alleyways. With every sip and bite, we ensure you get the best feel of our land’s ambience.


A Glimpse of the Cretan Gastronomy

Cretan, the biggest island of Greece, offers a blend of Minoan Culture with Venetian and Arabic influences. The restaurants located near the beautiful beaches will serve you the best Cretan food. You get to relish a variety of cheese here that can be paired with your choice of wine. There are different varieties of cheese( anthotyros, graviera, kefalotiri, myzithra, and staka) served at Cretan Island, and our experts will guide you with the choice of wine you can pair it up with. 

We also want you to get experimental with your taste buds and indulge in Dakos or Chochlioi. You can also try Kalitsounia or Gamopilafo to enjoy a complete full meal at dinner. 

Our team of professionals guide you through the selection of wine, cheese, and olive oil pairing. We help you find the right balance between the dishes and select the one that suits your tongue. 

We have chosen each delicacy wisely to deliver a Genuine Experience.

A luxury travel is more than just the destination. It is about the experiences that can make any trip luxurious.

Contact us for a tailor made experience that fit your needs!

Wine & Dine Experience

At Genuine Experience, we aim to serve our customers with luxury wine holidays. Come and explore the wineries and vineyards in Greece. Our wine holidays include Crete Island’s fresh producing wines. Wine lovers would love to relish the history associated with wine production at this place. Witness a range of wines made using the crushing of the grapes. 

Wine Tasting & Cheese Pairing Experience

Explore the gastronomic pleasure with our Wine and Cheese Pairing at Crete. With ancient wine and cheese pairing sessions, we love to create pleasant taste sensations. From Metsovone to Smoked Graviera, our guests feel thankful to have the best wine and cheese paring done. During this excursion, you learn traditional tasting etiquettes and discover more about how ideal wine and cheese partners are created. With four different wines, visitors get an opportunity to pair a variety of cheese and create relishing experiences for themselves. 

Olive Oil Tasting & Food Pairing Experience

Experience gastronomic pleasures with food and Olive oil pairing at Crete island. Olive oil, considered the base of Mediterranean cuisine and culture, is added to the dishes to offer lip-smacking dishes. We arrange for food that perfectly complements your selected olive oil. With six varieties of olive oils served at the restaurant, we make sure the best one reaches your table and matches your taste buds.  

Virtual Reality

Want to explore the wonders of Crete but without having to move out of your comfort zone? Do not worry? we at Genuine Experience have got you covered with everything using the next-gen technology. Right inside the indoors, we have made arrangements for your virtual trip to the Cretan Vineyards. With Virtual Reality headsets, we will let you explore the little alleyways of a Cretan Village, Wineries, Cellars and so on, all in the comfort of your space. 

Villa Event Combinations

Want to experience all the events Genuine experience has to offer? You can combine events and benefit from a great deal Wait no more. Book your next events with us!