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Genuine Experience is all about enjoying the little things in life!Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the abundant Culture and Gastronomy of Crete. All you need to do is set the time and place. 

Our passionate team will create a Genuine Experience, through a handpicked selection of local wine and artisan cheese, divine ExtraVirgin Olive Oil and authentic local delicacies prepared according to your preferences, by local housewives who turned their passion into a profession.

Our passionate Wine Experts – Certified Sommelier will host a special dinner for you and your loved ones by bringing flavors and aromas of our village’s alleyways. With every sip and bite, you willfeel our land’s ambiance.

We will be expecting your invitation, only this time, we will host your dinner!

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A Glimpse of the Cretan Gastronomy

The Cretan Gastronomy is a blend of Minoan Culture with Venetian and Arabic influences.We want to familiarize you with Crete through the prism of Gastronomy, and how itsCuisine has evolved through the years to this present day. When walking throughthe village’s alleyways one will come across a bouquet of mesmerizing aromas that are crawling out of the native’s kitchens.

Dishes prepared by devoted and sophisticated housewives that set the daily family meal by using products from theirown garden. Due to Crete’s geographical position, seasonality marks the meal preparation thus, offering a great variety of options throughout the year.
We wish to bring this Genuine Experience upon your table with great love and respect to our heritage.

Take the chance to get experimental with your ‘’taste buds’’ and find the balance that suits you!
We have chosen wisely each delicacy for you, to deliver a Genuine Experience.

A luxury travel is more than just the destination. It is about the experiences that can make any trip luxurious.

Contact us for a tailor made experience that fit your needs!


Wine Tasting and Cheese Pairing

Mind if we step into your place with a collection of our finest local wines for a private Wine Tasting?
We propose to introduce you to the undiscovered world of the Cretan Cuisine which will be prepared especially for you. Dive into the pleasant surprises that will occur when pairing Local Wines with Authentic Local Cuisine.

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Olive Oil Tasting and Food Pairing

Let’s talk about the biggest power couple in the food and wine world. A match made in heaven! In this session you will savor your way through this love affair of Wine and Cheese, we will talk about the History behind each component and experiment the endless match making possibilities.

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Villa Event Combinations

The celestial product of the Cretan Cuisine: Olive Oil! We would like to introduce you to the most important component of the Cretan Cuisine and pair different types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with authentic Cretan dishes.

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Virtual Reality

Having a Genuine Experience indoors does not mean that you need to be missing out on the miracles of Crete. We are taking advantage of the Technological Innovation -Virtual Reality and canoffer you an extraordinary experience by walking you through the Cretan Vineyards and the small alleyways of a Cretan Village, Wineries, Cellars and many more, all in the comfort of your space.

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