Personalized Events

Genuine Experience is a bespoke luxury wine and event agency with a passionate team of experts that turn your special events into a unique and remarkable experience. We make special arrangements for your events based on client requirements. We aim to add luxury and leisure to all your trips, ensuring you get once a lifetime experience during your holidays in Greece. At Genuine Experience, we work closely with a dedicated team of experts to select suitable venues and dining spaces for you. The dining spaces chosen by our teams add luxury to your stay. We custom create holiday packages for our clients based on the requirements they have. Genuine Experience tailors events for its clients based on their taste, requirements, and budget. Budget is crucial for us, and before finding out the best available options, we discuss the budget our clients can spend on an event. Within a small budget, we make special arrangements to ensure you get the best holiday experiences in Greece. No matter how budget-friendly we go at creating the right experiences for you, we make sure to add the same level of luxury to your experiences like that of an expensive holiday. Also, we make sure that you are guided through each step once you purchase a package from us, ensuring you do not miss out on the minutest details.

Available Personalized Events


If you are looking to plan an event in Crete, Genuine Experience will make your dream come true. We have mastered our skills and offer a variety of services to capture the diversity of our future clients. For your destination wedding, birthday party, anniversary, pre-wedding and after wedding party we are here to plan, design and execute with superb coordination your private gatherings,