You visualize. We design. You Experience

Genuine Experience’s qualified team is driven by passion and devoted to turn your special event into a unique and remarkable experience. Our creativity is inspired by eagernesstodesign distinctive events. Our goal is to bring life to your vision and achieve the thin line between luxury and leisure based on your needs.

We offer a great selection of venues, themed evenings, niche Food and Beverage services and unique deco, all tailor-made for you.
If you wish to plan an event in Crete, you can rely on Genuine Experience to fulfill all of your desires, while you spend your days carefree with nothing to do butto relax and get to know our charming island.

Our visionary team is accurate yet cost effective tocomprehend the big picture whilecalculating every
small little detail, towardsachieving a fresh perspective to each unique occasion.

These are the four key factors to choose Genuine Experience for planning your event. Our dedicated team will set all possible options before you.

Quality is our top priority still we propose cost effective solutions. You will be released of the stress that strikeswhen organizing an event. And last but not least, we will initiate the feeling of trust all thestep of the way with our skilled yet friendly approach. We create and bring to life all sorts of events, from corporate ones to private affairs.

Our expertise is based on constantly planning and accomplishing while creating ideal experiences for our customers and their guests.


If you are looking toplan an event in Crete, Genuine Experience will make your dream come true.  We have mastered our skills and offer a variety of services to capture the diversity of our future clients. For your destination wedding, birthday party, anniversary, pre-wedding and after wedding party we are here to plan,design and execute with superb coordination your private gatherings,