Daily excursions

Travel dairies create long-lasting memories; therefore, deciding the right location and venue needs to be done with great care. We at Genuine Experience, along with our team of experts, research new sites that our visitors must experience. From food to wine pairing sessions, everything is arranged by us under one roof. 

The founder Rami Masount is catering to the requirements of travelers for ages now. Rami and his team work hard to create a truly magical experience for visitors to ensure they leave the place with only beautiful memories that stay with them for life. 

We arrange wine and dine evenings at Crete- the southernmost island of Greece. Crete is famous amongst travelers from different parts of the globe for its gastronomy and panoramic views. The place is covered with breathtaking mountains covered with wild herbs. 

On this excursion in Crete, you will enjoy an exciting mixture of History, Culture, Arts, Sightseeing, and of course, some remarkable Olive Oil, Authentic Cretan Cuisine, and Wine.

These fully customized excursions are perfect for groups of two or more. Our team of professionals arranges intimate and personal events ranging from birthdays, anniversaries, professional events, receptions, parties, and more. You can spot in some wineries and spots in this mesmerizing landscape. 

Our passionate Wine Experts – Certified Sommeliers and our Chauffeur are devoted to providing private experiences unique to each participant, exposing you to the significant regions of our island.


Wine Tasting and Food Pairing Experience

Do you want a perfect date with your loved ones on the Island of Crete?  Look no further than booking for wine and food pairing sessions from Genuine Experience. The concept of wine and food pairing is seen in Cretan culture for ages. Here you can spend evenings full of Cretan Aromas. Wines with traditional Greek and Cretan dishes served on your table along with a certified Sommelier to guide you in pairing your favorite dishes with wines of the island.

Gastronomy Diaries

If you are a foodie, then delving into the gastronomy diaries of Cretan Island is a must. We book you for wine and food pairing sessions along with your cheese and olive oil food pairing. Our certified sommeliers combine your favorite dishes with your food choice to enhance your experiences at Cretan Island. We serve everything from cheese to food along with your extra virgin olive oil, ensuring you stay healthy even while relishing those lip-smacking dishes on the island.