Daily excursions

Crete, the southernmostisland of Greece, has inspired travelers for centuries with its hidden treasures. It’s has a truly magical atmosphere thatcombinesa blend of things; it’s legacy of the Minoan era, the unique beauty of Cretan mythology that unravels in every corner ,the breathtaking mountains where you can gasp in the ever-present scents of wild herbsand rare greens, the numerous gastronomical influences and the authentic locals who savor everything they eat and drink. It is like a small universe that you will probably need a lifetime to uncover.

On this excursion in Crete, you will enjoy an exciting mixture of History, Culture, Arts, Sightseeing and of course some remarkable Olive Oil, Authentic Cretan Cuisine and Wine.

These fully customized excursions are perfect for groups of two or parties of almost any size who are looking for a more intimate specialized tour of our suggested wineries and spots that are foundhidden in the mesmerizing natural landscapes.

Our passionate Wine Experts – Certified Sommeliers and our Chauffer are devoted to providing private experiences that are unique to each participant and expose you to the significant regions of our island.
This journey is a chance to capture the spirit and the undiscovered essence of Crete’s
culture and cuisine.

Wine Tasting and Food Pairing Experience

Stroll around scenic landscapes and villages of Crete with Genuine Experience and capture the spirit our land offers by activating all your senses! Spend a day filled with aromas, flavors, history and culture by the guidance of our friendly hosts and certified sommelier. This will be a culinary and cultural venture which will enhance your Genuine Experience while in Crete!

Gastronomy Diaries

Gastronomy Diaries is all about that little extra boost to your Genuine Experience by adding some fine detail in every moment spent. We are going to indulge you to the Culinary, Wine, Cheese and Olive Oil of Crete by crafting a special tailor-madeoccasion for you dependingon seasonality and location. All the elements will be exceptionally combined to your every sip and bite to enhance your Culinary and Wine journey to the fullest.