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Multiday trips

We have created multiday tripsfor our visitors toacquire a Genuine Experience while visiting and exploring Crete’s most remarkable wine regions. We include an exclusive combination of wine, gastronomy, culture and sightseeing as well as transportation within the island and hotel accommodations. Leave the planning to us. This will be the adventure of a lifetime.

What we offer

3-day Tour with Genuine Experience Summer

Planning an idyllic escape to Crete? Genuine Experience has created a 3-day trip that will offer you an Authentic experience!You will familiarize yourself with some of the undiscovered wine regions of Crete with guided visits to some of the most remarkable wineries. You will enjoy and experience Crete’s superb Gastronomy in a variety of ways. From fine dining in modern city restaurants to wanderingthrough the alleys of the upcountry and savoring authentic ‘’mezedakia’’ at the village’s ‘’kafenio’ and mingle with the warm-hearted locals. The tour begins and ends in Crete’s largest cities, Heraklion and Chania which are known for theircultural exchange. Our multi-day tours are custom-made, so any modifications your heart desires we can deliver. Our hosts will scour you through the αauthentic side of Crete in ways that only a local can.

5-day Tour with Genuine Experience Summer package

This 5-day tour in Crete will takeyou across the island, from east to west and you will visit many of the highlights through the perspective of Genuine Experience.This chain of excursions is a wonderful introduction for anyone that wants to explore the very best of Crete in five days.You will stroll around the different aspects of the rural land, comprehend the foundation of our cuisine and culture, and get aquatinted with thenew wave of the Cretan lifestyle. You will dive into the raw and crystal-clear beaches of the South and visitnumerous Archeological and Cultural sights. You will enjoy private wine tastings of local wines by the guidance of our certified sommelier, and savor on artisan delicacies made by locals who turned their passion into a profession.

3-day Tour with Genuine Experience Winter package

This 3-day tour is a great proposal for a quick getaway that will offer you a great insight into Crete’s small universe packed with beauties and treasures.Our hosts along with our certified sommelier will take you to a journey of the undiscovered inland through the most notable wine regions of our island. With Genuine Experience you will discover the History, Culture and Gastronomy of Crete, still you will enjoy your stay in a leisurely manner as a local would.

5-day Tour with Genuine Experience Winter package

This 5-day private tour will take you to some Cretan wineries, surrounded by the most amazing landscape. Nestled between vineyards, olive groves, secluded traditional villages and breathtaking mountains, you will have an unforgettable journey. During Winter Crete has a captivating and mesmerizing beauty beyond imagination, mostly since it is not as crowded. With the climate being neither too cold or too warm, our mountains start blooming wild herbs and the tops get whiter with snow We will only visit family owned wineries producing small quantity and excellent matured wines. With the assistance of our certified sommelier, you will experience wide-ranging Greek wines, selections of hand-picked delicacies and Authentic Local Cuisine We will combine our winery visitations with meals at small traditional restaurants, strolls around our emblematic mountains, visits at archaeological sites, you will indulge yourselves in hidden spots and spend your leisure time in the most charming hotels of the area.