Our goal is to activate all your senses to the fullest in every event we meet to portray the story of our Island. With the help of our innovative activities: The Wine Aroma Bar and our Virtual Reality. Through our Virtual Reality activity, See the inland of Crete, Feel like your floating between mountains and above vineyards, and Listen to the story we narrate to you. Smell and Taste a collection of the most exquisite Cretan wines. Smell and detect aromas you get in your glass of wine with the help of our Wine Aroma Bars, as you exercise your smelling skill. Our goal is to trigger unique emotions by indulging all your senses.

Rami Masount

Having a Genuine Experience indoors does not mean that you need to be missing out on the miracles of Crete. We are taking advantage of the Technological Innovation -Virtual Reality and canoffer you an extraordinary experience by walking you through the Cretan Vineyards and the small alleyways of a Cretan Village, Wineries, Cellars and many more, all in the comfort of your space.

Virtual Reality is a niche technological Innovation to die for. Buckle up, for we will bringto you the elegant sceneries that signify Crete through this unique experience. Our team has selected hidden spots and unfamiliar places thatwill float you around the picturesque scenes of the inland.

After our storytelling about Crete’s Culture and Gastronomy, you will no longer have to close your eyes and visualize our beautiful vineyards and breathtaking nature, since we are fully equipped to bring your imagination to life.

Our goal is to convert to you all of the above by using this Innovative Technology in the comfort of your place. A great combination for your private dinner at your villa, for you will experience the essence of Crete in a wholesome way and get a spoonful of a Genuine Experience in Crete.

What we provide: Virtual Reality Equipment.