We celebrate with you​

We love arranging for your intimate events, including anniversaries, birthdays, destination weddings, or pre-weddings. After understanding your requirements, our experts create a blueprint for your event to ensure all your requirements got covered.

Our dedicated team of professionals work in tandem with your requirements and coordinate with you at different levels to determine if everything is on par with your requirements. Our attention to detailing allows us to deliver the best event experiences ranging from professional to private gatherings.

We make special arrangements for regular holidays on Cretan Island. With the help of our experts you can indulge in breathtaking sceneries, gastronomic diaries along with wine and fine dining scenes.

During the trip, you will be guided by a manager and a certified Sommelier that uses the right ingredients and spices while holding a dinner for you and your loved ones. We bring on right flavours and aromas to your plate, ensuring you get the best feel of our land’s ambience.

Genuine Experience strives to meet, greet, and exceed your expectations. With each holiday, we aim to serve our customers with nothing but the best they can ever have.

Transportation Management

We provide the to and fro facilities. Also, we arrange for luxury vehicles ( Jeep/Mini Van/Mini Bus/Bus) with our private chauffeur to ensure you stay safe and comfortable throughout your journey. 

What We Offer

  1. Audiovisual Management
  2. Themed Food and Beverage
  3. Venues and Outdoor Locations
  4. Transportation Management
  5. Accommodation & Management
  6. After Parties


  1. Bespoke Genuine Experience Itinerary  
  2. Special Arrangements for Managing Audio Visuals 
  3. Accompanied by two hosts – A sommelier and an Event Manager
  4. Special Transportation facilities are available
  5. Themed Food and Beverages are inclusive
  6. Introduction on Food and Wine Pairing
  7. Taste 4 Different Wines Including Cretan and Greek Wines 
  8. Includes 4-course meals of Traditional Cretan Cuisine 
  9. Try four different wines from Greece paired with cheeses.
  10. Glassware and Wine Gear are included. 
  11. Small-Group with 15 participants or fewer but not less than 4 participants
  12. A brief introduction on history associated with Cretan Cuisine and Wine Production