Wine Tasting & Cheese Pairing

Explore the gastronomic pleasure with our Wine and Cheese Pairing at Crete. With ancient wine and cheese pairing sessions, we love to create pleasant taste sensations. From Metsovone to Smoked Graviera, our guests feel thankful to have the best wine and cheese paring done. During this excursion, you learn traditional tasting etiquettes and discover more about how ideal wine and cheese partners are created. With four different wines, visitors get an opportunity to pair a variety of cheese and create relishing experiences for themselves. 


  • Accompanied by two hosts – A sommelier and an Event Manager
  • An introduction of the history associated with wine and cheese tasting
  • Try four different wines from Greece paired with cheeses.
  • Discovery why each wine and cheese make a perfect match
  • A platter of 6 different cheese is available for pairing with the wines.
  • Glassware and Wine Gear are included. 
  • Small-Group with 15 participants or fewer but not less than 4 participants