Wine Tasting & Cheese Pairing

Sometimes it feels like no matter what, there is always a heart whelming feeling in the sound of the word: Cheese. In Crete it could not be less exciting, this product is heaven sent and our shepherds in the mountains are angels that deliver us this good. Every winter our goats and sheep are free to explore the wild greens on the mountains, which brings out cheese packed with fat salt and acid. Cheese Is an absolute essential in a Cretan household and some types are registered as Protected Designation of Origin. So, whether you self-proclaim yourself a wine and cheese enthusiast, or just have an appreciation of both, in this session will experience how to pair artisan local cheese with the perfect counterpart. Through this Wine Tasting and Cheese Pairing session, our main goal is to awaken your palate, as you embark on this lifelong adventure of Wine and Cheese.

What We Provide

2 Hosts – 1 Sommelier and 1 Event manager

An Introduction of how Cretan Gastronomy and Wine has evolved through History and Culture

Wine Tasting

Wine and Cheese Pairing


Wine Gear

4 Different Local Wines – Greek and Cretan wines

A platter of 6 different local cheese


150 euro per person
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Reduced price for more than 2 participants
  • This is a guide price based on 2 people travelling together